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Alpha Sigma Chapter: Beginnings [Comm. Mar 1952:6-7][Comm. Mar 1952:6-7]

About four years ago a group, composed largely of veterans, organized a new group on the campus, called - Independent Men's Professional Organization, or I.M.P.O. At first the organization was tightly knit and made a name for itself. However, due to lack of continued organization it became inefficient. Last spring the members recognized its weaknesses and decided to do something about it. At about that time Professor Reed of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy learned that Dale Doerr of Psi Chapter was a graduate student at the College of Pharmacy of Illinois and knowing of Doerr's good work while a member of Psi he suggested to Brother Hollenback that it might be a good time to inquire as to the possibilities of establishing a chapter of Phi Delta Chi at the University of Illinois.

Brother Hollenback contacted Brother Doerr and due to the untiring efforts of Brother Doerr and the interest of the officers of I.M.P.O., we were encouraged to correspond with Brother Hollenback, the Grand Secretary-Treasurer of Phi Delta Chi. Shortly after our inquiries Brother Hollenback visited with us in Chicago and explained the history of Phi Delta Chi and what would be expected of us if we wished to affiliate with this national organization.

Further correspondence between our group and Brother Hollenback resulted in our decision to affiliate with Phi Delta Chi. On November 16, 1951, our petition for membership in Phi Delta
Chi was granted and the installation date of January 3, 1952 was agreed upon. The installation took place at our Union Building. The Union Building is a recreation center for all three colleges and employees at our school; it contains two lounges, a cafeteria, a game room, a gym, and meeting rooms for various groups.

At the installation we selected Brother George W. Young of Nu Chapter to be our guest speaker; he is President of the Illinois Pharmaceutical Association. The initiation began at 2:00 p.m., and the installation team consisted of: Rodney G. Holmquist, James W. Allaben, Roy Hoover, and Dan Olsen of Psi Chapter, Grand Secretary-Treasurer Rand P. Hollenback of Xi Chapter, Dudley Fish of Omega Chapter, and George W. Young of Nu Chapter. Guests present included Dale Doerr of Psi Chapter , Dr. Edwin F. Fricke of Alpha Zeta Chapter, and Dr. Dwight Deardoff of Nu Chapter.

The following men were initiated as charter members of Alpha Sigma Chapter: Thomas Anderson, Maywood, IL. Harold Arnoff, Chicago. Lewis Cooke, Chicago. Robert Deck, Girard, IL. Donald Ernst, Aurora, IL. Alvin Feld, Chicago. Kenneth Hood, Chicago. Nick Karabatsos, Chicago. Arthur Mazzenga, Chicago. Norman Sonenthal, Chicago. John Summers, Chicago. Edward Swanson, Chicago. Stephen Tamborski, Chicago. John Worobey, Chicago. Steve Yannias, Chicago. John Zaruba, Cicero, IL.

Fred Armstrong of Oak Park, IL, was unable to be present and was later initiated as an active member of Alpha Sigma chapter. Following the initiation there was an informal meeting at which election of officers was held. The first officers of Alpha Sigma are as follows: President John Zaruba, Vice-President Donald Ernst, Secretary Norman Sonentha, Treasurer Nick Karabatsos, Chaplain John Summers. Master-at-Arms Kenneth Hood, Inner Guard Arthur Mazzenga.

The table at the banquet was U-shaped with the main dignitaries sitting at the base of the U-shaped table. The center position was occupied by Edward Swanson who was the past-president of I.M.P.O. After the dinner he acted as master of ceremonies. Seated at the table were Rand P. Hollenback, Grand Secretary-Treasurer of Phi Delta Chi; Dean Earl R. Serles of the College of Pharmacy of the University of Illinois; Dr. Dwight Deardoff, Professor of Pharmacy of the College of Pharmacy of the University of Illinois and an alumnus of Nu Chapter, and Mr. George W. Young also of Nu Chapter, the principal speaker of the evening. Faculty guests included Dr. Frank Maher, Chairman of the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy, and Professor Paul Carpenter, our former sponsor of the I.M.P.O. Student guests included Miss Joan Crist, the president of the only Sorority on campus, Lambda Kappa Sigma, and the presidents of the two other Pharmacy fraternities. Other guests included alumni of Phi Delta Chi residing in and around the Chicago area.

Following the dinner, Edward Swanson, the last president of I.M.P.O., gave a short talk and then introduced the speakers. Rand P. Hollenback, Grand Secretary-Treasurer of Phi Delta Chi, was the first to be introduced, and he was followed by Dean Earl R. Serles. The floor then went to Dr. Dwight Deardoff, who presented membership certificates to the charter members of Alpha Sigma Chapter. Immediately following this Brother Hollenback presented our charter. Next, each guest was introduced and after a few impromptu speeches Mr. Young delivered a talk on professional pharmacy and the objectives and obligations of pharmaceutical fraternities. This was followed by an open discussion among the guests and more impromptu speeches. The banquet ended with a farewell word from Brother Rand P. Hollenback. Following the banquet an installation of officers was held at which Brothers Hollenback and Fish presided. Finally, we were instructed concerning the manner of holding formal meetings and the duties of our officers.

There has been no initiation since the installation but we have pledged 18 men and when these men are initiated we expect to initiate as honorary members a group of alumni of I.M.P.O.

Norman Sonenthal, Corresponding Secretary [Comm. Mar 1952:6-7].

The College of Pharmacy was originally an independent institution before becoming affiliated with the University of Illinois. It is by far the oldest school in the University, having been organized as the Chicago College of Pharmacy on September 5, 1859, eight years before the University itself was incorporated. It was the third institution of its kind in the United States (the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Sciences being the first and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy the second).

Activities were suspended during the Civil War and the College was not reopened until 1870. When its property was destroyed by the Chicago fire of 1871, the pharmacists of the world came to its rescue, especially the Pharmacists of Great Britain. They enabled the College to reopen again in 1872 with new equipment including a library which was superior to the original library.

In 1896 it became the School of Pharmacy of the University of Illinois, and in 1932 its name was changed to the College of Pharmacy, at which time the curriculum leading to the degree of
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy was inaugurated. During the school year of 1939-40 the College of Pharmacy moved to its present site in the Medical Center of Chicago. At the present time it occupies the same buildings as the Medical and Dental Colleges. The three Colleges are located in Chicago while the main body of the University occupies a large site in Urbana, Illinois. Soon, construction of a new and separate building for the College of Pharmacy will begin; construction of dormitories for the staff and student body is already in process and expected to be completed in the near future.

About 36 years ago there was a College of Pharmacy at Northwestern University which disbanded. Their students and all records were transferred to the Illinois College of Pharmacy. At that time, Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Chi, which existed at Northwestern University, went out of existence in 1917.

[Comm. Mar 1952:7, 14].
Chapter House: 724 South Oakley [Comm. Fall 1968:3].
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